The Way of the Disciple

Movement Church exists to create Disciples.  Here at Movement, we don’t believe we were “saved to sit”.  In fact, we want to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   The goal of this curriculum is for groups to produce disciples - fully devoted followers of Christ - by studying God's Word in community.  

To this end, the goal of the study is to produce disciples who walk with God, have a personal realtionship with Jesus, and live in step with the Holy Spirit.  It is also to produce believers who live the Word in all areas of life and contribute to the work that God is doing in the local church.  Ultimately, the goal is to develop believers who impact the world and are prepared and eager to spread the good news of Christ to others.

Discipleship is an opportunity to learn the foundations of what we believe as followers of Christ while establishing accountability relationships with other healthy and mature worshipers of Christ. 

For more information feel free to contact Brett Marshall: bmarshall@movementchurch.net.